Data Backup is like the insurance for all your valuable files and information and it is crucial for your business to protect it. To protect you data, your organisation's integrity and your clients's trust on you to provide services data backup is crucial and necessary. Backing up data files can protect against accidental loss of user data, database corruption, hardware failures, and even natural disasters. It is your job as the business owner or manager to make sure that you have fool proof data backup solution in-place.

Data Backup

We can come out with a data backup solution for you that will include techniques like…

  • Normal / Full Data Backup
  • Copy Backup
  • Differential Backup
  • Incremental Backup
  • Daily Backup
  • Time Based Backup

All file will be backed up regardless of their archive attribute (time stamp). when the file is modified updated or accessed the archive attribute will be updated to identify update information on the file and thus it will be included in the differential or incremental backup. All selected file will be backed up regardless of their archive time stamp attribute. As the word explains, the backup is copied in full as long as the information that is required is selected for copying purposes.

In your backup plan you'll probably want to perform full backups on a weekly basis and supplement this with daily, differential, or incremental backups. You may also want to create an extended backup set for monthly and quarterly backups that includes additional files that aren't being backed up regularly.